Sunday, October 18, 2009

Seed Of Life Accessory Pouch

Here's my latest offering on Etsy. And here is the product description that goes with it.

"Remember making this pattern when you were a kid and you’d just discovered a compass? What you were drawing was an ancient Geometry that describes the fundamental template of space and time, from which all Life springs. It is a cell dividing in the first few minutes of life, and the coming together of Yin and Yang energies that weave through all that is. Who Knew?!?

We’ve embroidered the Seed of Life onto our Accessory Pouch. It’s a Note to Self that you can carry everywhere, a reminder that life is a precious opportunity and every moment is a new beginning bringing infinite Possibility....

On a practical note, the Seed of Life Accessory Pouch is handmade from faux (or vegan) leather, zippered, lined with cotton and adorned with a matching tassel zipper pull. It measure 7.5 inches x 6 inches. Use it to hold your cosmetics, contact lens stuff, cell phone chargers and laptop cords, mp3 player and associated gear, femenine hygiene items, pens and pencils...etc. The list is as long as your small item organizational needs.

As soon as these rolled off the sewing line, I thought, "Yeah! These look sharp!" What I love about them is the contrast, the clean lines with a bit of flourish. And of course the sacred geometry. In making them, I felt like I'd reconnected with parts of myself in space and time in some authentic way. I've been fascinated by geometry as symbol and talisman since I was a child. I'd do this pattern and variations of it for hours. I was fascinated by what happened, what beauty emerged when you just followed the intrinsic order of the pattern. There was no rational brain engagement needed. Just a compass, some colour, a willingess to flow with the mathematical order or things (no need to break it) and then the joy of watching the pattern emerge in its complex simplicity.

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