Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Come Clean, Mr. Harper

My nephew posted an article from the Queen's University Journal (

It describes Mr. Harper (I have trouble attaching the words "Right" or "Honorable" to his smarmy mug) standing up at the latest G20 summit in Pittsburgh and saying that Canada has no history of colonialism. HELLO!?!? Which planet did you just land from?

It's laughable really. I mean I could get my Race Politic ire up but I can't seem to. I don't know, maybe its age or maybe Mr. Harper's statement is so ridiculous I find it hard to believe ANYONE on the world stage could take it seriously. (But then again, maybe they want to. After all, they are all having to deal with crises of global proportions due to the mentality and values that brought us colonialism and capitalism in the first place. So if they all pretend it never happened....)

Mr. Harper could stand to go back to school. He obviously failed Canadian History. Perhaps a crash course on British, French and eventually Canadian Colonization practices would be useful. Course highlights would include cultural genocide, biological warfare, oppressive dealings and bogus treaties, the reservation system, disallowing of human and civil rights to aboriginal peoples. And the list goes on. Oh yes, and let us not forget that the Canadian government TAUGHT South Africa the principles and practice of Apartheid.

There might be a problem with Mr. Harper being able to get into this remedial class--budget cuts to education being what they are in this country. But I am sure that, given his income bracket, private lessons could be arranged. But why wait? Harper is about to be "schooled" by National Chief, Shawn Atleo of the Assembly of First Nations. Here's his statement about Harper's tiptoe through the denial minefield:

Well it will be interesting to watch how and where this game is played out. It does beg the question of what the payoff is for Harper to deny a history of Colonialism in Canada. As political motivation usually comes down to money and power with our "Emperor's New Clothes" leadership, is this statement a preamble to something like not making settlement with Canada's Aboriginal people's? Are there other money deals lurking about in the back-rooms that Canadian citizens know nothing about? Time to come clean, Mr. Harper. We can all see your weenie anyway.

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