Sunday, January 31, 2010

Free Lion Shoulder Bags - The Russian Knot Design

I have been working on a line of bags for women that are simple with clean lines, ornamented, yet practical, functional and affordable. From this design brief has come the Free Lion Shoulder Bag, a tote style bag, made of "vegan leather" (yes, no animal has died for this product!) The bags are fully lined with pockets, have adjustable straps and a zip closure adorned by a beaded zipper pull (made by my awesome friend, Patti). I don't cookie cut the bags; each bag is unique in some way. I also use repurposed items in making the bag. The linings, for example are passed on to me by other sewers. Some of the bag straps are from Army Surplus stores or repurposed from other bags.

What I liked about the Russian Knot design was that it brought together a 90 degree grid with more flowing, organic shapes, symbolizing a harmonious balance between the rational and the intuitive. the patterns I use are either original or sourced from ancient sources and then I play with them in Illustrator. Girls just know how to have FUN!