Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Follow your Heart Classic Tote

Been designing and sewing like a mad woman. Out of a conversation about how we loose the will to follow our dreams, how we get sidelined and second-guess ourselves by so much "should" programming, I received a commission for a bag with an image that said something about dreams with imagery of nature, especially butterflies.

Here's the collage that came. I printed it on fabric transfer paper and proceeded to match it to fabrics in house.

The sewing began and here are some images. The outer shell is interfaced so the bag will hold it's shape better. The lining has 3 pockets for items such as cell phones, keys, point n shoot camera. And 2 slots for pens. There's plenty of room for Whatever Else in the main pouch of the bag.

The Photo transfer to canvas didn't take all the colours with it. Which is a bummer because the collage looks so much more intensely colourful than the print. Well, I guess I have to re-calibrate or something. The bag sold, by the way. And I'm pretty thrilled about that.

To be clearer, I traded the bag for handmade soaps with another Etsy seller. So here it is, the future. Barter is Back.

Here's a few shots of the bag:

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